Monday, July 27, 2009

Care Bear Stare

Okay - so this isn't really a Care Bear but isn't he handsome? I actually "stole" this design from someone in the blogosphere (can't remember whom but if you know, please share so that I can properly credit). I use "stole" loosely because while her pretty cookies were slicky sweet like candy, my bear doesn't get that candy look . Instead of the cotton candy pink of the original picture, I used green royal icing left over from my oh so adorable frogs. I will definitely make this bear again with my own little touch. I'm also thinking he would make a great chocolate shortbread cookie.

My inspiration.

I was making frogs and dinosaurs (what? frogs and the brontosaurus were so BFFs back in the day) for a special little boy. I think the frogs are adorable and the dinos reminded me of animal crackers. No? Come on! I know I’m not the only one who used to have my animal crackers stand and walk before I ate them. Being as these dinos are 3 inches, I would have been able to play a lot longer as I ate.


  1. These are all soooo precious!!!!

  2. So cute! I bet you made some little kiddy (or a big one) super happy!

  3. those are absolutely adorable! i love decorated sugar cookies! :)

  4. I love cookies...and cookies decorated as cute as these are simply divine. You've inspired the "mommy" in me to learn how to do something like this one day. Naw, I'll just order from you...the professional :)

  5. I love your cookies Rachel and I know they are delicious from last Easter....

    Great job!!!


  6. Thank you ALL for the compliments.