Friday, November 20, 2009

Let There be Peace on Earth

Warning - for the next couple of days, most of my posts will be of the chocolate variety due to a visit from my chocolaholic sister.  If anyone knows of a support group to help cure a chocolate addiction, please let me know.  This girl can smell chocolate.  Like the candy I hid on the top shelf in the back of my cabinet 6 months ago and forgot exists?  Yeah - she'll find that in like 3 minutes flat.

So I decided to make a batch of Dorie Greenspan's World Peace cookies.  I've heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone who has ever tried them.  Since you need to refridgerate the dough, I split it in half and put both logs in the freezer saving one for Christmas.  (Note - most cookie doughs freeze quite well and are good up to 3 months in the freezer.  Now is a good time to start making your holiday cookies.  Then you can just pop them in the oven directly from the freezer right before you go to your holiday party.)

These cookies are quite easy to make.  And they are verrry chocolatey. This should definitely satisfy the chocolaholic in your life.  =)


  1. Let me know how they are, I was thinking about making a huge batch for Christmas gifts!

  2. I love these cookies. I've already started my holiday cookie baking. Maybe I should add these to the list again. Hope you had fun with your sister.

  3. Keri - I really liked them but I didn't love them. But they are really popular cookies so I say go for it.
    Thanks Pamela - we are getting a lot of bonding time in.