Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Pie Company in the Big Apple - A Review

Although I love to bake, there are some desserts that I leave to the experts - like the petit fours from Swiss Chalet Bakery in NJ, my mother's banana pudding, tiramisu from Serafinas, my Aunt Melva's pound cake and this Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie from The Little Pie Company in the Big Apple.

I'm not even an apple pie person.  I like apples and I like pie but it always seems too bland or too sweet or like something is missing between the many many layers of apple.  But this pie is how apples are supposed to taste.  First the crust is like a cross between traditional pie crust and a very flavorful shortbread.  Then the layers of apples mixed with sour cream that doesn't even taste like sour cream.  The topping is rich and sweet.  Hmmm.... I really don't think I'm doing this review justice.  You really should try it for yourself.  And fortunately you don't have to be in Manhattan because they ship

I have never met anyone who didn't like this pie and immediately ask me "HOW did you make this?".  It's so good, I would never even try to pretend it is one of my creations.  Try it - you will not be disappointed.  I also highly recommend the Carrot Cake.