Thursday, November 5, 2009

So many recipes!

After making my apple filled oatmeal cookies, I had 2 apples left over. I'm trying to be good and not throw away groceries so I scoured my recipe folder an apple recipe.  I have a folder full of recipes.  This isn't a physical folder in a kitchen cabinet.  My folder is electronic.  I think it is easier to organize and edit than a handwritten one.  My mother is all about electronic recipe files but she does have a recipe book that she has kept for over 30 years.  When I'm home baking, I often go to that book for recipes.  Many are written by her but some by my aunts and seeing their handwriting takes me to the holiday when they were sitting at the kitchen table watching Momie make a dish and recording it for her.  Looking at a printed piece of paper doesn't bring me back to a favorite memory but it does keep me sane.   

Many of my electronic files are recipes I've picked up from the many food blogs I subscribe to.  I've made some, but most are just sitting there waiting to be used.  I have a subfolder for appetizers, cookies, cakes and other desserts.  I like to remember where I got the recipe so I always make sure to type the baker's name under the title. Some bakers I know.  Other bakers may just take really good pictures and not so good food.  =)   If it's from a trusted source, I can make it for company without testing it out (which doesn't always work out but at least I know it's not the recipe's fault).  If I've never made anything from this person, I like to test it out first. 

One recipe was for apple cake that looked like coffee cake with apples.  I love coffee cake - recipe score!  I didn't have enough apples for a whole cake so I made a loaf.   Muffins would have made more sense but I have a new loaf pan that I haven't used!

To get the recipe (and a better picture of the cake), visit Smitten Kitchen
Do you keep your recipes electronically or do you prefer the them handwritten in a recipe book?

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