Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where to eat (dessert) in NYC

Recently I've had a lot of blogger friends ask me where to go when visiting NYC.  There are so many things to do and places to go and I'm far from the expert.  But one thing I do know is dessert.   Can't help you with seafood or steak, but I know good sugar when I taste it.  I have been known to pick a restaurant based on a superb brownie sundae or make people drive miles for fried ice cream.  Yes, I'm that girl.

Shop : Crumbs Bake Shop
What to Eat:  ANYTHING on the menu
Location: Various

So there was this show set in nyc (that I viewed faithfully every Sunday) that put a certain cupcake store on the map.  So I stopped by one day when the line wasn't around the corner.  I purchased 2 of the dryest cupcakes I have ever tasted.  And they weren't cheap.  So it was with hesitation that I sampled cupcakes at Crumbs.  There are many locations throughout the city so after sightseeing, stop by a shop and order a cupcake.  I highly recommend Vanilla Coconut.  The cupcake is moist but light at the same time.  The buttercream is as flavorful as it is sweet and the coconut is a refreshing topper.  But I have yet to taste a cupcake there I didn't like.  Bring some friends and get the sampler.  Crumbs bakery has some unique flavors (chocolate covered strawberry, oreo and caramel apple to name a few) that will make you come back for more. 

What to Eat:  Tiramisu  (this is actually a great Italian restaurant, so if you are hungry have dinner, but save room for dessert)
Location: A few but I prefer 78th and Madison Avenue
This tiramisu tastes like it was made minutes before just for you.  The "cake" literally melts in your mouth and the mascarpone is light as air.  It is clear that every element of this dessert is made fresh on premises.  I have ordered tiramisu at fine dining restaurants and been so disappointed because the cake tastes like it was frozen and then thawed.  (I'm not a cake snob - I LOVE costco cake and I know that cake was baked in some factory and then shipped frozen to my local Costco).  Trust me, order this.  Even if you don't like tiramisu, you'll like it.

Restaurant: Serendipity 3
What to Eat:  Ice cream sundae
Location: 60th st. between 2nd and 3rd

I like this place not so much because it is the best dessert I ever had but because it is a little kid's dream.  Do you remember reading children's books where the child goes out to eat and gets a sundae bigger than them?Serendipity delivers.  It is just a fun place that celebrates dessert.  Perfect for kids (or the kid in you).  This place can be packed so try to go at odd hours or during a weekday.

Restaurant: Good Enough To Eat
What to Eat: Banana Chocolate Chip cake with Peanut Butter Frosting
Location: Amsterdam and 83rd st
So I have only eaten here once.  And I only had this dessert once.  A year ago.  And I can't stop thinking about it.  I'm determined to recreate it myself.  When I went, it was only served on Thursdays (it was so good, I remember what day.  Because if I go and they are not serving this cake, the meal will be ruined), so you may want to call ahead.  I was having a fun relaxing dinner with my sister.  We ordered dessert just to keep the meal going.  I knew I liked bananas and chocolate.  I like chocolate and peanut butter.  I had no idea I would like them all together!

What are your NYC dessert recommendations?

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  1. Mmmm... all your suggestions make me wanna hop on a plane to NYC. I heart NYC. If I wasn't such a CA girl I'd be living in NYC for sure. Have a cupcake at Crumbs for me!