Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TWD Sugar Topped Molasses Spiced Cookies

I love soap operas.  Yes I admit it.  I spent the 80s at my mother's feet watching Days of Our Lives (I was hooked the day Bo met Hope), Another World and Santa Barbara.  I took the day off work to watch the finale of Another World with one of my best friends.  Soap Operas are like book serials - they allow you to connect with characters that come back to you even when the story is over.  Now thanks to SoapNet I can watch "todays soaps at night" and I've fallen in love with a whole new crop of soaps (okay they are only new to me).  If you love soaps like I do, you'll understand how someone who bakes cookies could produce this baking fail.

The bow doesn't really hide the burnt crispiness does it?

This month, we were granted permission to post our Tuesdays with Dorie recipes out of order.  First up for me are these Sugar Topped Molasses Spiced Cookies.  The dough came together quite easy and the smell reminds me of Thanksgiving!  Since I'm baking so much this month for NaBloPoMo (day #3), I frooze most of the dough and decided to just make one batch of these cookies. 

So why am I blaming the soaps that I love so much for this baking disaster?  When I put the cookies in the oven, General Hospital's Sonny was just about to give his wife, Claudia, what she deserves for ordering the hit that put Sonny's child, Michael, in a coma for over a year.  I was so excited watching the scenes, I forgot to check on these cookies.  They were only in for 10 minutes but came out a flat crispy mess.

When I bake the rest of the dough for Thanksgiving, I'll probably make them a little bigger and let set in the fridge before baking.  I'll also turn off the soaps.  This recipe was chosen by Pamela of Cookies with Boys.  She'll post her version on November 17th but check out her blog now for other great recipe ideas.  Also don't forget to check this week's baking blogrolll to see what other bakers chose to make this week.


  1. I almost made these, but just found the Molasses today. I'm going to make the All-in-one holiday bundt tonight for a after dinner snack.
    And the thing about the soaps? That totally happens to everyone. I usually get caught up in some tv show and end up running to catch the food in time while muttering obscenities about burning my baked goods. I think its a requirement that you have to burn something about once or twice a year to keep you in check :)

  2. LOL! I almost dropped my laptop reading your post. (I was/am a Days fan!) I am going to try these cookies next week. This week I made the Chestnut cake and it's delicious.

  3. Are you sure they weren't supposed to be flat and crispy? Lol, those darn soaps!

  4. They sure do look good, tho. I bet flat and crispy were still good.

    The Only soap I ever got hooked on was the one with the Vampire in the mid 60's. Tell's you a lot about me doesn't it.

  5. Thanks for baking the cookies with me. My first batch came out so thin, I could see right through them. Freezing helps. Enjoy the soaps.