Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TWD - Peach Crisps

This is another quick and easy recipe - Dorie Greenspan's Cran-Apple Peach Crisp.  Since I was only making 1 serving, I was determined to use ingredients I already had in my kitchen (I'm also pretty appled out.)  So I substituted peaches for the apples and instead of ground ginger, I used ground nutmeg in the topping.  Okay I will use nutmeg in anything but nutmeg is a nice complement to peaches.

I also didn't bother to whip out the food processor choosing instead to use my hand mixer and then my hands to mix together the topping (sans coconut).

It took less than 10 minutes to put together!  The taste is great.  I love peaches.  The topping was a bit buttery but I think that was an error on my part in reducing the recipe.

This week's recipe was chosen by Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef.   Nice choice Em!  To see what other TWD bakers cooked up this week, check out the blogroll.


  1. Yum! Where did you find peaches this time of year? none near me. love the variation

  2. Yum! I tried my first ever peach cobbler this past summer and loved it. I'm sure this was delicious.

  3. peaches work. May have to try that. Love peach cobbler and peach dump cake.

    Yours looks tasty.

  4. Spike - I literally used things already in my kitchen including a jar of peaches - not fresh. Pamela - I lOVE peach cobbler.
    TeaLady - yes I think a peach crisp is great. Never tried peach dump cake.

  5. Sounds really good! I hear ya, I just used a pastry cutter to make my topping, to keep from dirtying the processor.